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              HBIS Tangsteel has been actively committedto the research and development of high-endvehicle plates, especially striving to develop varioushigh strength automotive strips, in order to meetthe needs of vehicle body lightening and goinggreen and environment protection. Currently,products are mainly used for significant parts inthe automobile manufacturing process, such as:inner door panel, floor crossmember, rear innercoaming, front and rear door reinforcement sparepart, bumper bar bracket, electromobile battery

              case, etc.

              HBIS Tangsteel pays a lot of attention to customer needs, and we manufacture and provide safe, environmental-protecting and high quality products and service. Currently, products are mainly applied to the manufacture of household appliance, such as:air condition, washing machine, fridge and TV.

              HBIS Tangsteel at present is the only one that can produce 28#、30# big angle steel in China. Products in succession have been applied to national ultra HV projects, such as:Jiuquan to Hunan of 800kv, Jinbei to Jiangsu of 800kv,Changji to Guquan of 1100kv, Jarvd to Qingzhou of 1000kv and Xilinguole League to Shengli in Shandong province of 800kv.

              HBIS Tangsteel high strength aseismic ribbed bar has been widely used in major industry and civil architecture of key projects;steel plates series for high buildings and plates for bridges has been playing a supporting role in the process of national promotion for steel structure buildings and steel bridges.

              HBIS Tangsteel medium plate's steel for ship plates that applied to the manufacture of large ship and ocean platform, has won classification society's authentication from China,the United States, England, Norway, Japan, South Korea,France, Germany and Italy.

              HBIS Tangsteel's hot rolled products, cold rolling products and medium plates products are widely used in large machinery and high end equipment manufacture.

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