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              Company Introduction

              HBIS Tangsteel is the China's super large steel enterprise

              HBIS Tangsteel is the China’s super large steel enterprise and the backbone of HBIS, which locates in the center of Bohai economic circle connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei with great development potential. It also enjoys advantages of abundant resources, location and transportation. HBIS Tangsteel has 33000 registered employees, including steel business and non-steel business.

              HBIS Tangsteel, as the birthplace for basic side-blown converter steelmaking in China, was founded in 1943. We have made rapid and brilliant progress by carrying out such successive strategic programs as comprehensive technical renovations. Our main equipments become more large-scale and modern, and our industry processes have come up to an advanced level in the sector. Now, HBIS Tangsteel has been an important base for both quality steel sheets and construction steel products.

              HBIS Tangsteel has the annual capacity of 18 million tons, which includes four categories: the flat, bar, wire & rod and section. The main products are high strength auto sheet, hot-rolled & cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, medium and heavy plate, stainless steel strip, bar, wire and section products, in a variety of 140 types, in which quality flats account for 60%. Our products are widely used in construction, automobile, coal, machinery, electricity, transportation and household appliances, and other fields to markets of Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia etc. more than 150 countries and regions.

              HBIS Tangsteel not only focuses on the refining of steel business but also attaches importance on the non-steel business and develops a diversified transformation development strategy on steel further processing and large logistics industry, source development and comprehensive utilization industry, equipment manufacturing and engineering technic service industry, chemical industry, real estate industry, service and training education, 6 industry groups in total, taking much more position in the development process.

              HBIS Tangsteel always adhere to the idea “We cannot control the market, but we can manage our own work” and locating ourselves with an open thinking and wide-industry international vision. We continue to enhance the development ideas and improving working standards, and actively cope with various difficulties and challenges, from environmental image to cleaner production and energy savings,  from cost control to product development and brand promotion, and continue to achieve new progress and leapfrog development, which won great attention and acclaim from domestic and overseas steel counterparts and the community.

              Recent years HBIS Tangsteel has won a number of honorary titles successively such as “National May Day Labor Award”, “National Customer Satisfactory Enterprise”, National Model Green Unit”, “National Ecological Model Enterprise”, “National Advanced Enterprise Resource Utilization”, “China Steel Industry Clean Producer and Environment Friendly Enterprise”, “National Cleaner Production Demonstration Enterprise”, and the first batch of pilot enterprises in “Resource-saving and Environment-friendly” .

              Nowadays, HBIS Tangsteel takes the “Building the Most Competitive Steel Enterprise” as its goal, and adopts the brand new concept and higher standard to adopt to the economic development trend actively. Hesteel Tangsteel promotes the reform and innovation in a comprehensive way, holds tightly to the two themes of market and product, and accelerating structural adjustment and products upgrade, establishing the strategic customer base, and striving forward to build the evergreen “Hundred Years HBIS Tangsteel”.

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