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              Management Innovation

              HBIS Tangsteel Management Innovation

              In recent years, facing the complex and volatile market situation, HBIS Tangsteel firmly establishes the scientific concept that management innovation is the key to improve core competitiveness, strongly tampes enterprise basic management, and put the management innovation in a prominent position. With an open mind, the whole industry vision, international orientation, high standards and views, HBIS Tangsteel actively promotes enterprise management work and have achieved historic progress and great-leap-forward development.

              HBIS Tangsteel revolutionized the traditional production organization model and marketing model that formed in the period of high profitability, and gradually established a new production and business model that is closes to the market, mainly featured in optimal allocation of resources and efficient operations; HBIS Tangsteel  further promotes energy conservation and clean production, known as "the world cleanest steel mill" ,and become a model enterprise of green manufacturing; to develop non-steel industry and creates new support for steel business, the company has formed steel products processing, equipment manufacturing, logistics and total six non-steel industry clusters, the profitability has steady improved; we are accelerating the pace of international development, increasing export volume and international financing annually, international exchanges and cooperation under fast development. These efforts stimulate the endogenous enterprise power, that HBIS Tangsteel achieved unexpected development even in difficult times, and laid a solid foundation for building the most competitive iron and steel enterprise.

              The Innovated Development

              In the past two years, the external condition becomes more severe and complicated. HBIS Tangsteel successfully withstood the pressure, and to implemented the innovation strategy step by step. The business model is undergoing change, transformation in thoughts are accelerating and modern enterprise operational mechanism is constantly improving. Steady development in the "new normal" is gradually established in the difficult period.

              The company revolutionized the traditional company governance model model and operation model that formed in the period of steel high profitability and continues to explore reform of institutional mechanisms for the sustainable and healthy development, to add new impetus to continuous improvement, through which management was significantly improved; to promote organization restructuring and optimization of human resources; to innovate marketing model, to promote the integration of produce, sales and research work; to innovate fund management, and ensure the efficient operation of capital; to fully optimize incentive mechanism, give full play to the role of a guide and incentive distribution mechanism; to accelerate informatization construction and application, to achieve perfect matching between management awareness and modern technology; to promote non-steel section marketization&corporatization process, and accelerate the development of non-steel industry; to deepen overseas cooperation, and further enhance the level of internationalization development.


              HBIS Tangsteel always attaches importance to enterprise management modernization and innovation, and has maintained a leading position in the metallurgical industry in Hebei Province and even China for many years, and gained lots of titles of innovative management. During the promoting of innovation management, HBIS Tangsteel has not only achieved remarkable social and economic benefits, but also achieved a lot of valuable experience of innovation management, and won lots of awards of innovation management as follows:

              "Green Manufacturing Management of Large Steel Companies", won the Second Prize of 2010 National Enterprise Management Modernization& Innovation Award;

              "The Whole Process Steel Enterprise Metering Management Based on the Informatization ", won the Second Prize of 2011 National Enterprise Management Modernization & Innovation Award;

              "Innovation-oriented Steel Enterprise Restructuring and Development Mode", won the 2012 First Prize of National Metallurgical Enterprise management Modernization& Innovation Award;

              " Iron-Making Resources Structural Optimization To Enhance the Cost Control ", won the Second Prize of 2013 Annual National Enterprise Management Modernization&Innovation Award;

              "International Business Expanding and Management of Large-scale Steel Enterprises", won the Second Prize of 2014 Annual National Enterprise Management Modernization & Innovation Award.

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