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    Be a responsibly and happy enterprise

    HBIS Tangsteel as a large state-owned steel company, and always adheres to the recycling economy concept as a guide, putting prevention first with prevention and treatment integrated, taking environmental protection and meticulous management as the foundation, relying on cleaner production, increasing energy efficiency and improving environmental protection facilities upgrading process, and realizing the whole production process control. HBIS Tangsteel actively implemented the project of efficient use of primarily energy resources and comprehensive utilization of secondary energy resources and renewable resources, to build an enterprise that environmentally friendly and truly bring benefits to people.

    Increase the upgrading of environmental protection facilities to realize social harmony

    In recent years, even HBIS Tangsteel facing enormous difficulties in production and operation, it still invested 2.5 billion yuan to complete gas desulphurization and dust removal transformation on five sintering machines, the transformation of BF dry dusting, the second and third times transformation of  converter dry dusting, and total 41 emission reduction and comprehensive utilization projects, with decrease of SO2 emission by 15,400 tons, the COD emissions lowered by 274 tons, with a significant reduction in the unorganized smoke (powder) dust emission, HBIS Tangsteel has achieved significant environmental benefits and social benefits.

    Since 2013, HBIS Tangsteel faced unprecedented grim situation in production and management, and liquidity situation became exceptionally tight. The enterprise tried every possible method to overcome the difficulties, raising investment funds totalS 1.013 billion yuan to implement 16 environmental management projects, of which: 195,110,000 yuan to implement desulfurization project of 2 # to 4 # three sintering machines; 34,916,000 yuan to implement the iron-making car trough and train trough dust control projects; 101.19 million yuan to implement the North iron-making 2 # blast furnace wet to dry dusting reform project68,795,400 yuan to implement the 2 # 3 # blast furnace tapping field and coke warehouse dusting upgrading and renovation projects; 67,682,400 yuan to implement the 2 #3 # blast furnace coke groove dusting transformation; 85 million yuan to complete the reform of changing wet to dry dusting project of three 65t converters(dusting open 3 with 1 Preparation ); 225 million yuan to build the project of slag deep extraction of iron, which significantly reduced SOand smoke (powder) dust and other pollutants, and improved the regional air quality.

    Actively Perform Social Responsibility as the SOE Large Enterprise

    HBIS Tangsteel has implemented the following methods: constructing the cultural square, improving factory environment,purifying air, and reducing pollutant emissions.

    HBIS Tangsteel took advantage of its prime locations and invested 100 million yuan for the construction of HBIS Tangsteel Cultural Square. The square opens to the public free of charge; now, it has become public recreation and fitness center. HBIS Tangsteel constructed the 129,000 square meters of "Steel Garden” in the eastern part of plant, and178,000 square meters of " ecological park along river in the northern part of the plant, and 50m~100m shelter belts around the plant boundary, which makes the green coverage from original 21% to 50%, playing an important role in air cleaning, noise reducing and environment improving.

    Improving the Recycling of Water Resources.HBIS Tangsteel takes the strategy of saving water and reusing reclaimed water as breakthrough, and implements the index control of process water and multi-use of industrial water. It invested 320 million yuan for construction of the largest city & industrial waste water treatment center in North China. There are two water treatment systems. The first is municipal and industrial waste water treatment system. Advanced France Degremont water treatment technology was introduced, which is capable of handling urban & industrial water of 72 000 m3 respectively  daily; The second system is the construction of sewage deep treatment system. With the technology of ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis treatment process to produce high quality demineralised water and desalted water, which can produce 24,000m3 demineralized water and 7200 m3 desalted water every day. In 2014, it transferred urban recycled water to north plant, which firstly achieved production with urban recycled water and shutting down all the deep well. Water consumption is lower than 2.4t for per ton steel, which reached the advanced level of comprehensive utilization of water resources and realized the industry and urban water recycling use and harmonious development.

    To provide city with secondary energy by technology of low temperature of industrial residual heat. Using the affluent industrial low-quality cooling water, and adopting of heat pump technology for circulating cooling water (40 ~ 50 ) for waste heat utilization, to extract 10 heat for residents heating of the eastern Tangshan; In 2012 winter, HBIS Tangsteel provided heating for three million square meters of new housing, and reduced coal-fired boilers impact on the environment, effectively solved the long-standing shortage of urban heating resources, and reduced coal consumption, emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot emissions, which realized the harmonious development between enterprise and city.

    Slag deep treatment and comprehensive utilization. HBIS Tangsteel and American Harsco joined together to constructed the iron slag deep treatment project. Using the advanced steel slag treatment technology to upgrade the existing steel slag treatment system, introduced advanced steel slag pre-treatment system, and constructed steel slag production line of 500 thousand tons road base material and 400 thousand tons of superfine steel slag powder production line, and recovery with waste steel with iron grade of 85% total 11thousand tons; the tailings that produced by steel slag treatment are used as materials for roadbed construction, wear-resistant road materials, and steel slag powder and other products, steel slag reached 100% comprehensive utilization, and also solved the problem of dust emissions in the process of steel slag treatment.

    Using Advanced Pollution Treatment Technology

    Adoption of the following advanced technologies: sintering machine electric precipitation and high-voltage pulse power supply technology, all sintering machine smoke&gas semi-dry desulfurization technology, large fully enclosed raw material warehouse technology, the “energy saving and environmental protection” type pulse bag dust removal technology, converter dry dusting and a large number of advanced pollution control technologies, that greatly reduced pollutant emissions; using ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis and other waste water treatment technology to build large waste water treatment facilities for both city and industry, HBIS Tangsteel’s production all used urban recycled water, shutting down all deep wells, the water resource comprehensive utilization of the industry reached a leading level.

    Using Advanced Clean Production Technology

    All coke ovens are using dry quenching technology(CDQ); In sintering process low temperature thick material layer sintering technology and circular cooler waste heat power generation technology are used; In iron-making process blast furnace dynamic analysis system and enriched-oxygen pulverized coal injection technology are used. dry de-dusting technology is applied for blast furnace gas. Converter waste heat is collected for power generation and converter das is collected by dry dusting technology. In the steel rolling process,  regenerative reheating furnace technology, steel billet hot charging and hot delivery technology are fully applied, . In cold rolling process acid regeneration technology is applied which reduces the energy consumption as well as improves the comprehensive utilization of the secondary energy.

    Building a Scientific Development Model that Shares Harmonious Relationship with the City

    In recent years, aiming high, HBIS Tangsteel holds the idea of survival and development of the most competitive steel enterprise, making great efforts to adjust the structure, knocking out backward capacity, implementing “energy conservation and emission reduction” strategy, to build the ecological and green enterprise. HBIS Tangsteel carried out afforestation strategy, and the ecological environment appeared a brand new looking, which overturned thoroughly the traditional iron and steel enterprise’s image, and completed the transformation of traditional enterprise to modern, ecological, green, harmonious enterprise. It successfully explored a scientific development model between traditional steel enterprise and city. It is also praised as "the world cleanest iron and steel enterprise" by the China Iron and Steel Association.

    HBIS Tangsteel, taking the ecological garden theory as a guide, and the imitation of the original ecology as standard, reasonably setup plant generating, and introduce nature elements to the plant. After careful planning, it successfully built the natural and ecological landscape, to create a good enviroment of "Factory in the forest, the scene in plant, ecological harmony, common prosperity for both enterprise and society" good environment.

    With the elimination of backward production capacity, it has removed three small blast furnaces in iron-making plant, and demolished original electric arc furnace steel-making plant, and the original third steel rolling mill, also build a green park on the original ceramics factory. In total, it constructed “three gardens and one belt” that are steel garden, drainage ecological garden, and cultural square as well as the shelter forest belt within more than 70 million square meters.

    By planting a lot of plants with strong resistance and suitable for the growth in enterprise and also some artificial plants, which forms a diverse species with rich color and shows green scene for the whole year, the greening coverage rate reached nearly 50% in the main plant area. Now, entering into the plant, it is as a park integrated with the Dacheng Mountain and the surrounding city water system together which forms a beautiful scenery line.

    HBIS Tangsteel, has gained wide attention and recognition through the construction of ecological environment by society. It successively won the "national green model enterprise", "national ecological culture model enterprise", "outstanding contribution for land greening", China iron and steel industry with clean production and environment friendly enterprise” honorary title, and it was enlisted the first batch of national “Resource saving and environment friendly enterprise of pilot enterprises.

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