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              Iron-Making Department is the leading unit of HBIS Tangsteel.

              Brief Introduction

              This department includes 7 plants: the north iron-making plant, the south iron-making plant, No.1 coking plant, Meijin plant (No.2 coking plant), iron-making plant in stainless steel company, iron-making plant in heavy and medium plate company, and pellet area. The total pig iron output accounts for 80% of the company.

              Southern Plant BF

              Secondary Coking Plant Scene

              Dry Quenching Furnace

              Three Northern Plant BF

              Southern Sintering Plant

              Iron Notch

              Youth Safety Surveillance Post


              The department is located in Jia’anzi village of Kaiping District of Tangshan City, with Kailuan Jinggezhuang Coal Mine to its east, with Jian’anzi railway station to its west, and two kilometers of southwest lies Dou River, north close by Jingshan railway, covers an area of 2.2 square kilometers, 7 kilometers away from HBIS Tangsteel’s main plant.

              The north plant has two 2000m3 blast furnaces and one 3200m3 blast furnace, and the south plant has one 3200m3 blast furnace, the total annual capacity is 9 million tons of pig iron.

              Duty of each plants

              The coking plant is located in Dabali village of Fengrun district in Tangshan City, formerly known as Tangshan coking gas plant, and as the auxiliary project for Tangshan recovery construction after the earthquake. In 1979, HBIS Tangsteel started to plan the project, and in December of 1982 officially break ground till 1987 commenced production. Now, the No.1 coking plant has six coking furnaces with 5.5m, with an annual capacity 2.4 million tons of coke.

              The No.2 coking plant is the outcome of cooperation between HBIS Tangsteel and one of the Chinese largest coking enterprises - Shanxi Meijin Energy Group, the plant is located in Sijiaying recycling economic zone in Luan County in Tangshan city. The project has high starting point, high standards and principles with scientific design, fine management, it has advanced technology with two 65-hole seven meters thermal coke and related auxiliary production facilities, the Phase 1 with an annual output of 1.5 million tons of coke, commodity gas 320 million cubic meters, tar 74,000 tons, 20,000 tons of crude benzene, 20,000 tons ammonium sulfate. After the Phase 2 project finished, the plant will achieve an annual output of 3 million tons of coke. Meanwhile, according to HBIS Tangsteel’s requirements that clean production and energy utilization business model, the project constructed with CDQ residual heat power generation system, and it can generate 190 million kw/h for each year with 100% self-sufficient rate; select the most advanced domestic production line and equipped it with energy-efficient CDQ equipment. At the same time, the plant build the benzene extraction refined project and HBIS Tangsteel Gas Company LNG project, to extend the coking industry chain.

              Stainless steel iron-making plant is located in Guye District of Tangshan City, and was established in May of 2013. Major equipments: three 90sintering machine, one 132m2 sintering machine, two 450m3blast furnaces, two 550m3 blast furnaces and some auxiliary systems like dust removal and desulfurization systems.

              In medium plate company, there are 2 blast furnaces, the No.1 furnace’s effective volume is 1580m3, No.2 furnace’s effective volume is 1780m3; the annual pig iron capacity is approximately 2.7 million tons. Two 210m2 belt-type air draft sintering machine matching with two blast furnaces, the annual output is 4 million tons; one 10m2 shaft furnace to provide  pellets to blast furnace, the annual output is 510,000 tons.


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